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Issue #Brief descriptionDate CreatedIssue StatusTagsSubmitted by
3384Software displayes the incorrect date formatOctober 19, 2023AcknowledgedBug Priority: HighMichael Davis
3391Add the ability to undo/redo changesOctober 19, 2023AcknowledgedFeature Request Priority: MediumCharlotte Miller
3386XYZ software crashed on startupOctober 19, 2023AssignedBug Priority: CriticalWilliam Smith
3390Unable to export files when logged inOctober 19, 2023AssignedBug Priority: CriticalEmily Johnson
3387Inconsistent font formattingOctober 19, 2023ConfirmedCSS IssueOlivia Taylor
3389Add spelling and grammar checkerOctober 19, 2023ConfirmedFeature Request Priority: LowAva Brown
3383Search bar not functioning in version 12.3October 19, 2023NewBug Priority: CriticalEmily Johnson
3385Missing Save button on user account pageOctober 19, 2023NewBug Priority: CriticalSophia Anderson
3388Missing print functionality on user dashboardOctober 19, 2023NewPriority: Medium JavaScript IssueBenjamin Martinez
3392Slow loading time for user segmentsOctober 19, 2023NewBug Priority: HighCharlotte Miller
Issue #Brief descriptionDate CreatedIssue StatusTagsSubmitted by