Task Management

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Active Tasks
 Task Status Priority Due date Notes
Prep for team meetingActiveCritical02/22/2022Go over checklist
Plan website redesignActiveHigh02/14/2022Ask designer for quotes
Onboard internsActiveHigh09/20/2022Collect email addresses
Contact new designerActiveLow06/06/2022Record call
Finish finance reportActiveMedium03/17/2022Get input from Dave
Publish blog postActiveMedium09/10/2022Needs featured image
Update landing pagesActiveMedium07/20/2022Get copy from Jess
Review sales metricsActiveMedium09/04/2022Reach out to Cliff
 Task Status Priority Due date Notes
 Task Status Priority Due date Notes
Staff trainingCompletedHigh06/13/2022Book meeting room
Quarterly reviewCompletedCritical01/08/2022Share data with team
Hire a new developerCompletedCritical03/10/2022Post job ads
 Task Status Priority Due date Notes